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Rooms & Facilities

Artist's Studio


+7 499 922-66-77

The Artist's Studio is a space for creativity, studies and getting to know with the artists' heritage of the past. It is equally a library room and an art workshop.

Not only library staff, but also readers and friends of the library have taken part in arranging this space and building its collection. Thus, the well-known graphic artist Askold Akishin has designed one of the Studio's walls.


The Artist's Studio has a large collection of literature and albums of fine art. The educational and practical manuals on the drawing techniques published in recent years are of special value. Here you can also find slides, filmstrips and stamps on fine art from the library's collection.


The Artist's Studio is equipped with the special light tables for drawing.

There are slide and film projectors and electronic magnifier for viewing slides, filmstrips and stamps.

Those who are busy with applied art and make something with their own hands can take a high quality photo of their masterpiece in the lightbox for subject photography.

If you need an advice from the experienced master, our artist-adviser is ready to help you.

The video tours of art museums around the world are broadcasted non-stop and without sound on a large screen.


The Artist's Studio regularly hosts lectures and workshops on fine art, comics, manga, artists' books and book illustrations.

Young artists not only conduct discussions within the clubs but also implement their ideas in various art projects. They have an opportunity to display their works here as well.

Rooms & Facilities
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