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Rooms & Facilities

Foreign Languages Room


+7 499 922-66-77 (ext. 781)


The printed collection consists of over 20 000 materials in 70 languages (mostly linguistics books). There are 250 items in the electronic collection: dictionaries, phrase books, textbooks, guide books, and reference books about different countries.


Readers can access the library’s electronic resources: e-libraries, periodicals databases, legal databases and the Russian State Library’s dissertation database. They can also work with audiovisual language coursebooks on the computers, read books in foreign languages, browse magazines, listen to vinyl records (through headphones or directional speakers that do not disturb the others in the Room) sitting on the awesome English bench in the corner. There are comfortable workplaces for studies as well.

Rooms & Facilities

Главное здание 107061 Москва, ул. Б. Черкизовская, дом 4, корпус 1
Телефон для справок: +7 499 922-66-77

Филиал библиотеки — МИКК «Особняк В.Д. Носова» 107023 Москва, ул. Электрозаводская, 12, стр. 1
Телефоны для справок: +7 499 922-66-77 (доб. 600)


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