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Opening hours

Dear users!

From November 16, 2020 to January 15, 2021, the Library for Young Adults receives visitors only by a prior registration in the reduced service schedule. All public events, lectures, club meetings and workshops are only in an online mode again.

These temporary restrictions are introduced on the basis of the Order of the Mayor of Moscow No. 107-UM dated November 10, 2020 and the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation No. 1399 dated November 11, 2020.

Please note: the registration is made by users via the online form. To enter the library premises, you will need an "event" ticket (in our case: for visiting the library). Please be sure to show it in electronic or printed form to library staff.

Visitors can use library rooms and other facilities within opening hours of the library. Everyone can work with chosen materials both printed and electronic in reading rooms; registered users can also take books home.

You can return books only via the outdoor book return station. In case of any problems, please ask librarians at the registration desk for helping you.

Before getting into one’s hands, all returned books are "in quarantine" for at least 72 hours in special conditions.

Registered users can select books by themselves from library shelves. In addition, if they find the necessary items in the electronic catalog on the library website, they can immediately book them by making a prior order.

You get the confirmation of the order to your email. Then you can pick books up within 3 days both at the parcel locker located in the library lobby and from librarians in the library rooms.

You can register for the library via My Account by filling in the user form. After that, you will also get access to the book order service on the library website.

Those who come to the library for the first time are able to register immediately, and those who have passed the preliminary registration via My Account get a library card. Then they can use library resources in offline and online modes.

We recommend you to pay for additional services by bank transfer (by credit card).

Please note: You can use library rooms and facilities only in compliance with the official requirements of sanitary and epidemiological safety.

Non-contact temperature measurement is carried out at the library entrance.

Everyone must wear a mask and gloves. Masks can be bought at the registration desk.

Everyone entering the Library must disinfect his hands using a non-contact disinfector located in the lobby area.

It is necessary to maintain a social distance of 1.5-2 meters. Special signs on the floor and walls help you in it.

Moreover, no more than 50 visitors can be at the Library at one time, in library rooms - no more than 25% of the total capacity of the room.

In addition, using My Account on the library website, registered users can track the return dates for books they have taken and have access to the library's electronic resources. Among them: — electronic library system with an access from mobile devices and browser;

— electronic library systems with an access from browser (BiblioRossika, ZNANIUM.COM, University Library Online, JSTOR);

— Remote databases of periodicals (East View Information Services, GrebennikOn,, Database of full-text dissertations and abstracts, NP NEICON's Academic Journal Archive.

Publications on young people issues are located in the open access in the electronic library of the Russian State Library for Young Adults “Young People of Russia”.

Main Library

Main Rooms & Facilities 1200— 2000 Closed
4 build. 1 B. Cherkizovskaya Moscow 107061
Tel: +7 499 922-66-77
Fax: +7 499 161-01-01
Our Branch: Nosov’s Mansion
12 build. 1 Elektrozavodskaya Moscow 107023
Tel: +7 495 964-01-01
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