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Do I have to become a library member to use its services?

Anyone can visit the library. You decide if you want to register or not. If you aren’t a library member, you can still use the library’s services.

However, if you want to check-out a book, magazine or e-book, you need to be a Moscow or Moscow region resident in addition to having a library card.

Besides, only registered members have access to e-libraries, newspaper and magazine databases and other electronic resources provided by the library.


How many books can I borrow and for how long?

You can check-out up to five books for one month. Borrowed books can be renewed once for one more month (except bestsellers, magazines and e-books). The borrowing conditions regarding magazines may vary: speak to a librarian about the number of magazines you can borrow and the loan periods.


What do I do if I’ve lost or damaged a library book?

Don’t panic! Speak to a librarian: normally they suggest you replace the book with an identical or equivalent edition.


Can I print out materials in the library?

Of course. You can see the price list here.

Our printing department offers not only printing but also laminating, folding and coil binding services. Print out your papers and essays here and bind them between covers for durability.


Do I have to register in advance to attend lectures/workshops/events?

If registration is necessary, we will say so in the announcement. Normally events are free to attend without registration.


Are library events free of charge?

Yes, events in the library are free.

When we host a special event and sell tickets, there will be a warning in the announcement.


Can I come to the library with my own books?

Yes, of course, you can bring any materials that you need.


What happens if I don’t return books by the due date?

We kindly ask you to return borrowed materials on time as they are in great demand. But don’t be afraid if some of your items are overdue and don’t hesitate to return them.

We don’t charge overdue fines, but you won’t be able to check-out books from the same collection for a while (depending on how long the item was overdue and how valuable it is).


Can I take photos and videos in the library?

Selfies or any pics for your personal entertainment are OK. If you mean commercial shooting, please see our price list here.


How do I return borrowed items if the library is closed?

A self-service book return station is conveniently placed near the main entrance. Don’t forget to bring your library card — you’ll need it.


How do I renew books without coming to the library?

Visit My Account on our website to renew your materials.

To register an account you will need to enter your activation code, issued along with your library card.

If you do not have an activation code, go to the reception desk or send an e-mail with your name, surname and the last six digits of your passport number to [email protected].


Is there Wi-Fi in the library? Is it free?

Yes, the library has free Wi-Fi with unlimited access. There is no password — simply connect to our network and surf.


Does the library accept donated books?

If you wish to donate books to the library, we’ll be happy to take them. Please fill the form below to send us a list of books you’d like to donate.

If the books are of interest to the library, they will be given to our collection development department. If we already have the titles in our catalogue, the books will be moved to the bookcrossing shelf.


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