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The Russian State Library for Young Adults (RSLYA) is the largest dedicated young adult library in Russia and one of the eight Russian federal-level libraries. All citizens aged 14 or older can visit the library.

The library was founded in 1966 as a young adult branch of the State Public Historical Library. Its founder and first director was Ms. Irina Bakhmutskaya. Since 2006 Ms. Irina Mikhnova has been the director.

RSLYA’s collection consists of 900 000 materials, including over 650 000 books and magazines (500 titles). Library users have access to over 1000 audiobooks on CDs and DVDs, 400 films, 35 000 vinyl records, 36 000 musical scores.

All visitors have access to internet resources and e-libraries (over 1 million materials) both from library computers and from personal laptops thanks to the free Wi-Fi.

Registered users have the unique opportunity to work with e-library resources from home. All you need to do is get a password in the library: then you can access IPRbooks, Bibliorossika, Znanium, University Library on-line, and LitRes Biblioteka systems.

Readers can borrow and return library materials without consulting a librarian thanks to the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. A self-service book return station located near the entrance is accessible 24/7.

Please note that entry to the library is free for everyone, library members and non-members alike. The Lobby opens at 9 a.m. every day, earlier than the rest of the library. Here visitors can use the photocopier/scanner and the interactive kiosk with our electronic catalogue where a list of books can be printed.

Our research and recreation rooms provide open access to books, magazines and newspapers, CDs, DVDs, and e-libraries. A consulting librarian in each room gives reading recommendations, helps visitors find a book or work with library technologies and electronic resources.

The library supports young adults’ educational and information needs, provides career advice and psychological counselling, creates learning and recreational programmes. The library hosts 15 clubs and interest groups. A professional psychologist assists with issues facing young people.

Our library has all the necessary facilities for visitors with disabilities. For the convenience of wheelchair users we have a wheelchair ramp, automatic sliding doors, special toilets, and a wheelchair stair climber; a wheelchair with a laptop stand is available on demand. There are low shelves in all rooms for a wheelchair user to reach, and the aisles are extra wide for maximum access. Visually impaired visitors can use a reading machine and electronic magnifiers as well as listen to audiobooks. For hearing-impaired visitors we have a collection of films with subtitles.

The library provides printing and photocopy facilities. Our little library shop Botanika is open on weekdays. In our Newspapers and Coffee Room visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks while reading the latest news or playing board games.

The RSLYA acts as an information and consulting centre for the Russian young adult library network as well as other libraries serving young people. The library is a model and testing ground for new young adult services and programmes in Russian public libraries; its mission is to encourage library cooperation and integration into the international library community, and to promote the idea of dedicated young adult librarianship in the public consciousness.


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