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National Projects

ARENA Lectorium

ARENA Lectorium is a project, which gives the opportunity to any young person to share personal experience with the audience regardless of whether he/she is an ambitious student or a young professional.

ToneBattle Music Project

Our library continues to provide young performers with an open space for their activities. The project of 2018 entitled Chikipibarum was a genuine celebration of music and creativity. The new project, ToneBattle, is its sequel.

Library Night 2019

Crazy Night or the Birth of Avant-Gard

On April 20, 2019, the Russian State Library for Young Adults took part in the all-Russian event Library Night-2019 devoted to the Year of Theater. The night consisted of many interesting performances transporting the audience back in time to the beginning of the 20th century, the Silver Age of Russian culture, time of intensive creative search and new trends in arts and literature. The guests had a chance to learn about many artists and writers of that time and to look backstage of the epoch.

Reader's Award

Established by the Russian State Library for Young Adults (RSLYA) in 2015, the Reader's Prize is the first literature award within the Russian library community. Recipients of the prize are authors of the best book, which is identified by having the highest circulation at the Russian State Library for Young Adults (RSLYA) and e-store LitRes, and by vote of the Expert Council, whose members are drawn from the library's readers age 16-35.

All-Russia Contest for Best Youth Volunteer Project in Library

In 2018, the Year of Volunteer in Russia the Russian State Library for Young Adults (RSLYA) and the Association of Volunteer Centers, with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Library Association, launched the national contest for the best youth volunteer project in library.

National Campaign “Diaries of the World Festival of Youth and Students. Moscow — 1957. 1985”

From March until August 2017, the Russian State Library for Young Adults (RSLYA) conducted the National Campaign “Diaries of the World Festival of Youth and Students. Moscow — 1957. 1985”.

Book Trailer Competition Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Russian State Library for Young Adults announces a book trailer competition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

A book trailer is a short video that promotes a book: it can be a film, animation, or a slideshow.

Submit your book trailer for Alice in Wonderland before 1 September 2015 at [email protected]. The video has to be less than 3 minutes long.

LIBRARY.RU Information and Reference Portal

The portal was created in 2003 and is managed by the staff of the Russian State Library for Young Adults with support from the Ministry of Culture of Russia. The biggest internet resource of that kind in Russia has 4 main sections: «For Librarians», «For Readers», «Libraries’ World», «INFOLOOK». There you can find: the largest list of the Russian and foreign libraries’ websites (over 2500 entries) which is constantly updated; annotated catalogues of the virtual reference services, e-libraries, online bookshops and periodicals websites (6700 entries). The First Virtual Reference Service, documents and materials from the Ministry of Culture of Russia, libraries and other institutions are posted there. Over 27,3 million users have visited this portal in the past 10 years.


Young People of Russia Digital Library

It contains about 1500 full-text copies of Russian and foreign authors’ books on different issues related to young adults’ upbringing and education which were published before the 1930s. Furthermore, there are official materials about the history of the youth movements, organizations, and unions. The Young People of Russia Digital Library is in open access on the internet. RSLYA’s Young People’s Issues Information and Resource Centre is in charge of content and maintenance of the digital library. The Centre also has a database of publications about young people’s issues (over 1600 titles), which can be found through the library’s catalogue.


Comics and Visual Culture Centre (Comics Centre)

The first library-based Comics Centre in Russia dedicated to the culture of comics, manga and other kinds of visual narrative. Comics, manga etc. are viewed as a visual culture phenomenon in the context of young people’s reading. The Centre’s collection has 4000 titles today and keeps growing. The Comics Centre supports Russian libraries, hosts national and international seminars, organizes travelling exhibitions and participates in regional comics festivals.

The Comics Centre is one of the organizers of KomMissia — the largest annual International Comics and Visual Narrative Festival.

The Centre’s specialists are creating a bibliographic database of Russian comics published in the last 25 years and write bibliographic reviews, articles and recommendations.


E-books and Libraries

RSLYA was one of the first libraries in Russia to recognize the opportunities of using e-books, as a specific type of content, in library services, as well as the possible use of mobile e-readers in public libraries.

Since 2008, RSLYA staff maintain a popular blog, E-book Planet, dedicated to e-books in libraries.

In 2010, an experiment, initiated by RSLYA and the Ministry of Culture of Russia, was conducted in 5 libraries on different administrative levels to research the perspectives of using mobile reading devices. The results of the experiment were published in the University Book Journal.

Based on the results, RSLYA staff have developed a detailed practical guide to optimisation of e-library use on all mobile devices. The guide stresses in particular the creation of a platform where registered library users can download and store materials from the e-library on their mobile devices free of charge, while the library pays for access to the items chosen by the users, not the whole database.

The idea was implemented by RSLYA and LitRes, a popular e-book retailer, in 2012-2013 for the first time in Russia.

RSLYA is now working on an E-book History Museum.

Russian Art Nouveau Centre

Located in the unique wooden mansion of the merchant Nosov which was build by art nouveau architect Lev Kekushev in 1903 and is now a branch of the Russian State Library for Young Adults. Here conferences, seminars, exhibitions, meetings with cultural studies specialists and art critics take place. The project focuses on promoting the elegant and beautiful style of 1890—1910 among young people.


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