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Rooms & Facilities

Visual Arts and Comics Room

Opening Hours


7 499 922-66-77 (ext. 791)


A unique collection of original European hand-drawn stories, American comics, Japanese manga, and other material are available at the Visual Arts and Comics Room. The books are classified by the geographical regions and languages: Asia, Europe and Latin America, the English-speaking world, the French-speaking world and Scandinavia. There are publications in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, Spanish, Italian, Czech, German, French, Polish, Serbian, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian languages.


The Room is equipped with a modern exhibition system, a projector, and the light tables for drawing. There is a possibility of online broadcasting of events which take place in the Room. An exhibition of existing video projectors is displayed in the Room. The oldest of them dates back to 1950.


The Center for Drawing Stories and Images of the Russian State Library for Young Adults often hosts events in the Visual Arts and Comics Room such as lectures on comics, manga, and other types of drawn stories and talks on the history of book illustrations. The conferences «Izotext» and «New Visual Imagery» of young researchers of comics and visual culture take place here as well.

Rooms & Facilities
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Tel: +7 499 922-66-77
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