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Our library has opened a unique E-Book Museum.

Here you can witness the history of the book in its continuity, not only retrospectively, but with an analysis of modern trends and a projection for the future.

Clay tablets and metal cases for scrolls (which can be called “ancient memory sticks”), rare books and music boxes, punched tape and Zip drives, flash drives and card readers… Worth mentioning is a Rheinmetall portable typewriter from the 1930s, which was used to type many a samizdat text.

And, of course, the first computers: the rare IBM PC XT of the early 1980s; Notebook TOSHIBA T3200, the computer for engineers; the famous Sinclair ZX Spectrum that spawned a multitude of clones all over the world, including the USSR; the educational computer UKNC Elektronika MS-0511; ATARI 520 STFM and Commodore PCs, which have a cult following of creators of electronic music (especially 8bit or game-music).

We also have handheld game consoles such as Elektronika IM-2, BlackBerry smartphones, the first Apple devices, modern e-readers, tablet computers and so much more.

Visitors can explore the collection and witness the evolution of the book, or go on a virtual tour on library iPads.

Rooms & Facilities

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