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RSLYA’s Electronic Resources

Our library not only provides access to e-libraries, we create our own electronic resources.

Referral Database of Articles on Young People’s Issues

This is a special resource the library has been developing since 2008: we systematize information related to the ongoing processes in the young people’s world and the governments’ work in this area. The database is constantly updated: as of January 2014, we have over 1600 abstracts for articles about young people’s issues published in Russian online and printed press.

Retrospective Youth Policy Foundation Bibliographic Database

Includes 5000 bibliographic records of books published from the mid-19th century to the 1940s: reflects the evolution of the Russian government’s policy towards children and young people.

Young People of Russia Digital Library

Contains full-text scanned copies of 1300 documents published before the mid-1930s (retrieved from federal and regional libraries) as well as a number of abstracts and dissertations about young people’s issues.


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