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To access our electronic catalogue use the interactive kiosks in the library or go to /searchcat/opac/opacg/guest.html. The information kiosks print tickets with the bibliographic description of the book you are looking for and directions to its location on the shelves.

To find a book in the catalogue type the book’s author, title or subject in the corresponding field and click Search. You will get a list of entries that match your query.

You can search the whole catalogue or select one of the following categories: electronic resources, films, audiobooks, albums, photos, images, maps, comics, board games, or sheet music.

  • Electronic library systems
    Contains bibliographic descriptions of 80 000 materials in the e-libraries accessible to RSLYA users this year — Bibliorossica and University Library Online, where you can find fiction and materials on social sciences and humanities, art, natural sciences, physics and mathematics, healthcare, medical sciences, computer sciences and information technology, culture, education, technology etc.
  • Electronic resources
    Contains bibliographic descriptions of over 3500 CD-ROMs and DVDs on technical sciences, natural sciences, healthcare, medical sciences, computer science, culture and education, social sciences, humanities, art, music, physical culture, sport etc.
  • Films
    Over 400 DVDs and BluRay discs: Russian and world classic films, the best new films, film adaptations, animated films, educational videos, films about Russian and world history. The complete list of films is also available in the alternative catalogue with film descriptions, trailers and filmmakers’ biographies.
  • Audiobooks
    Over 800 CDs and DVDs with audiobooks.
  • Albums, photographs and images
    Over 1900 photo albums; art books devoted to famous artists, architects, sculptors, museums; electronic photo and image albums.
  • Maps
    Contains several dozen maps of Russian cities and regions, foreign countries and cities, and road atlases.
  • Comics
    Contains descriptions of over 1400 comics from RSLYA’s unique collection: intellectual comics, manga, literature adaptations, educational comics etc.
  • Games
    Contains descriptions of board games, puzzles and construction sets library visitors can use.
  • Sheet music
    Contains bibliographic descriptions of over 3000 music publications in the RSLYA collection.
  • Diapositives
    Contains annotated descriptions of diafilms in the library collection. Some of the diafilms can be viewed online.

The electronic catalogue also includes local databases:

Rare Books

The descriptions of rare books in the RSLYA collections are stored in a special database. Many of them are available as digital editions.

To search the rare books, click Rare Books on the Databases drop-down menu, then enter the author, title or year of publication. To view all entries in this database, type 1594 in the Publication Date field — the publication date of the oldest book in the collection.

Retrospective Youth Policy Foundation Bibliographic Database

Contains 5000 annotated bibliographic descriptions of books published from the mid-19th century to the 1940s which reflect the evolution of the government’s policy towards children and young people in Russia and in other countries.

Select this database in the Databases drop-down menu and search by author, title or subject.

Young People of Russia Digital Library

Full-text database of materials published before the mid-1930s.

Select this database in the Databases drop-down menu and search by author, title or subject.

Referral Database of Articles on Young People’s Issues

A referral database of materials about young people’s issues published in Russian printed and online periodicals. As of January 2014, it contains over 1600 article summaries.

Select this database in the Databases drop-down menu and search by author, title or subject.

Sheet music scanned card catalogue

Most of the sheet music collection — items added before 2002 — can be found in our scanned card catalogue.

Searchable by author, title and keywords, the catalogue contains 35000 entries.

Website: /searchcat/opac/scores/

Vinyl records scanned card catalogue

The vinyl record scanned card catalogue contains over 37 000 entries. Searchable by author, title and keywords.

Website: /searchcat/opac/vinyl/

Film catalogue

The complete list of films in the RSLYA collection with film descriptions, trailers and filmmakers’ biographies.



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