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Periodicals Databases

RSLYA offers convenient periodicals databases: electronic versions of different media (newspapers, magazines, articles) that you can read in our library.

NP NEICON’s Academic Journal Archive

Created by National Electronic Information Consortium (NEICON) non-profit partnership, the Academic Journal Archive contains collections of materials from a number of prominent foreign academic publishing houses including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Sage Publications. Every collection consists of metadata and full-text publications.

East View Information Services

This database contains the archive and current issues of Russian periodicals about social sciences, humanities, and the problems of pedagogy and education. It also contains the complete archive of the Pravda newspaper since 1912. All archives are searchable by author, title, key words and publication date. Every journal can be viewed page-by-page, with all the illustrations, graphs and tables. Articles, illustrations or fragments can be copied, printed and emailed.


Public.Ru media database contains all the prominent social, political and business-related central media as well as professional and niche publications.

The search and analysis system allows the user to monitor and analyse media, make digests and press reviews, or measure a person’s or brand’s media presence.

Library Press Display

Over 2000 sociopolitical newspapers and magazines published in the last 60 days in 60 languages in 100 countries.

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