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Popular Science Lecture Club

Popular Science Lecture Club

Meets several times a month


+7 (499) 161-32-19

Club supervisor

Aleksandra Moskalyova

The club hosts meetings with interesting professionals ready to share their knowledge with the audience. Information is presented simply and clearly, with illustrations and props.

Apart from one-off lectures, the club hosts two series of lectures:

  • When in Rome is a series of lectures by Alexander Volkov, traveler, member of the Russian Geographical Society, photographer with a PhD in Biology. Every lecture is full of interesting and useful information for travelers and curious minds: historic sites, traditions, unique photographs and advice for tourists.
  • First-Aid Workshop is a collaboration between our library and the Russian National Research Medical University. Sergey Simbirtsev, assistant at the department of anesthesiology and critical care medicine talks about the most common types of injuries and diseases and shows first aid techniques that can be used in everyday city life.



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