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Meets 1—3 times a month


+7 (499) 922-66-77

Club supervisor

Evgenij V. Kharitonov, author, musician

Being a platform for literary performance, the club aims at showing the complete spectrum of the modern literary process. It is more than a stage for poets, prose writers and playwrights. Contemporaries-XXI is a synthetic club that welcomes music, graphic arts and performance.

The club runs several projects:

  • Litsalon: poetry readings, meetings with authors and workshops.
  • Project First Reading is the opposite of a writing workshop, where professional writers discuss the strong and weak points of emerging authors’ work; here a popular author reads fragments of a new book (or a complete short work) that has not been published yet, then the audience discuss and evaluate the text.
  • Project Drugoe Polusharie (The Other Hemisphere) moves beyond literature: it introduces young people to the forms and formats of the modern literary, graphical and musical avant-garde. Poets and philologists talk about constrained writing and sound poetry, video artists uncover the secrets of video art, musicians not only talk about the new trends in experimental music but also present the technical advances in the field of music creation.

We organise and host literary and inter-genre festivals (since 2014 the club incorporates Lapa Azora, a well-known festival for the literary and graphical avant-garde), exhibitions, round-table discussions, and conferences.


4 build. 1 B. Cherkizovskaya Moscow 107061
Tel: +7 499 922-66-77
Fax: +7 499 161-01-01
Our Branch: Nosov’s Mansion
12 build. 1 Elektrozavodskaya Moscow 107023
Tel: +7 495 964-01-01
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