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ZNANIUM.COM, an e-library for students and teachers, includes more than 10 000 books and college textbooks. The e-library has easy navigation, you can create virtual bookshelves, bookmark passages, copy pages and view usage statistics.


  • Automation. Radioelectronics. Computer science. Information technology
  • Biological sciences. Earth sciences. Ecology
  • Military sciences. Weapons. Intelligence agencies
  • Housekeeping. Cooking. Private housing construction
  • Art. Music. Sheet music
  • History
  • Culturology. Mass media
  • Literature for school students and university applicants
  • Politics. Sociology. Demographics. Statistics
  • Law. Jurisprudence
  • Prose. Poetry. Drama. Children’s literature
  • Psychology. Pedagogy
  • Agriculture
  • Sport
  • Tourism. Guide books
  • Physics. Mathematics. Chemical sciences
  • Philology
  • Philosophy. Religion. Theology
  • Economics. Business. Accounting. Finance. Management
  • Energy development. Industry


Accessible to all readers inside the library without registration. This e-library can also be accessed from your account via the internet.


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